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Pre-Holiday Weight Watchers


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OK so the Holiday season is coming up and you all know what that means…FOOD and JUNK!

Now it would be nice to say…”Don’t eat it!” But you and I know that is NOT going to happen. As a society we celebrate with food, it is what we do. Now is there a fine line? Of course! But that means you just have to realize where that fine line is, for you, and work around it.

I have tried so many times to not eat any bad food at a party or during the Holiday season. It sucks, I am miserable, and it just plain, well did I say…sucks!

Sorry but I like to eat and indulge during the festivities so guess what, I will. So what can I do about that NOW and AFTER the holidays. Continue reading

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The Miracle of Yoga

Yay! My first guest post from Miracleof Yoga…so exciting. I hope you enjoy the post below and remember…if you have a weight loss story, tip, or anything relevant to healthy weight loss and being healthy I want you to guest post on this blog! Just contact me…and Enjoy!



Christian Leeby has years of experience seeing students feel better both physically and emotionally from practicing yoga correctly. Visit him at

Every mom knows. Being fit before, during, and after having a baby is just as much about fitness of the mind as it is about the body. That’s why yoga is the ultimate fitness for new moms. Not only does it help the body, it also helps the mind.

Proper yoga practice strengthens weak muscles and stretches tight ones, which is great for taking care of aches and pains. As the muscles start to balance out, they pull more evenly on the skeleton, and joint problems also improve. That’s common sense when you think about it. Good stretching helps the body feel better.

What many people don’t know is that yoga also helps the body Continue reading

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Making everything a calorie burner

Being a SAHM is a lot more work then I ever thought it would be.

Before I had kids I did not realize how much Mom’s did during the day. I do find it a challenge to get my workout in as I am always busy running errands, doing dishes, laundry, and just being at my children’s beck-n-call.

One thing I have learned is that almost everything can be made into a workout and this has helped me lose some of my weight. Continue reading

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