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Pay It Forward Friday!

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You have heard the hype lately of people paying it forward? Well, I guess hype may be the wrong word. I think it is a great idea especially now that our country is in such turmoil and people need help!

I have decided to try and start a new Friday trend. I may be the only one doing this trend, but hope to bleed out into the world and have Friday be a weekly pay-it-forward day. You don’t even have to spend any money to pay-it-forward. You just have to give of your heart, time, or whatever you can afford to do.

Here are some examples of things that I have done or will start doing…this list will grow and I would love you to add to it too!

Picking up trash/litter.

Helping someone carry their groceries to the car from the grocery.

Holding a door for someone.

Giving someone a compliment, even a total stranger.

Paying for someone’s gas, coffee, dinner order (this list is endless).

Quit being a victim for a day and think of someone else and all that you have going for you, tell that person you appreciate them. Make a list of everything you have instead of focusing on what you don’t.

Call that person you always say you will call later.

Apologize to that person that you have been “meaning too.” Be the bigger person and quit waiting for them to do it.

What else can you add to this list?

In this economy even the smallest gesture can make a huge impact on someone’s day. Even with a good economy, it’s the little things that really make an impact on someone’s life.

Not everyone can afford to actually “pay” for someone’s lunch etc. but there is more to life and more to good deeds then money.

How many times have you walked through a door, only to let is slam in someone else’s face because they were not with you? How many times have you seen an elderly person or handicap person shopping for groceries and did not offer help to their car? How many times have you been irritated because you were walking behind them and they were slowing you down a whole 1-2 minutes of your precious time? How many times have you walked by trash and litter and said out loud or under your breath…”that is just horrible, I can’t believe people drop their trash like that”…but you walked by and did nothing.

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Do you wonder if the saying is true…you reap what you sew? So if any of the above, and then some, have been in your path lately, then would it really hurt to see if the law of attraction is true? Would it hurt to actually help our fellow man out and not expect anything in return? If our children watch their elders actually help someone and not expect anything then maybe they will learn and do this too. Not that we want our children to talk to strangers but they could start with other children and people they know. Let’s get the younger generation to quit feeling “entitled” and that it takes a community to have a positive and friendly atmosphere.

Anyway, I hope it least one person is with me. I will be posting my Pay it Forward Friday stories. You don’t have to do them just on Fridays…do them any day and I would love you to share your story with me and I will post it on one of my Friday posts and if you want me to link to your web site I will!

I will start posting mine next Friday!

Have a wonderfully positive day!

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