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fit after baby

Making everything a calorie burner

Being a SAHM is a lot more work then I ever thought it would be.

Before I had kids I did not realize how much Mom’s did during the day. I do find it a challenge to get my workout in as I am always busy running errands, doing dishes, laundry, and just being at my children’s beck-n-call.

One thing I have learned is that almost everything can be made into a workout and this has helped me lose some of my weight. Continue reading

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I fit into my first goal shirt today…whihoo!!

Today is an awesome day!!!!!

I bought the Mickey Mouse shirt (in my picture) about 2 months ago as a “goal shirt.”

It is a Juniors Large! I have been buying ladies medium shirts for awhile but this Juniors large shirt was a little too tight when I bought it.

I know that others may have worn this shirt around with the stomach roll hanging out but I won’t do that. I wanted it to actually fit! It fits today!!!

I have lost 8 pounds in 28 days and this has made a total loss of 68 pounds since November of 2009! So cool!

How did I lose the majority of my weight? Continue reading

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